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Solid-Sate Battery - FAQs

Solid-State Batteries are just one of the many next-generation batteries.

Battery technologies are critical in the transition from fossil energy carriers to electrical energy. Moreover, this transition is really happening now if we look at how many electric cars are on the road now and will be in the coming decades. This is the “battery moment” in history

Here you find the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers about Solid-Sate Batteries:

What is a Solid-State Battery?


In the solid-state battery the liquid, flammable electrolyte solution is replaced by a solid-state material which acts as both the separator and the electrolyte.

What is a Lithium-Metal Solid-State Battery?

Scheme of a Solid-state battery versus Lithium-ion battery
Scheme of a Solid-state battery versus Lithium-ion battery

A solid-state battery uses lithium to store energy, similarly like the lithium-ion battery.

However, the Solid-State Battery uses pure 100% Lithium. The idea of using pure lithium metal in a battery is over 100 years old.

In contract – the lithium-ion Battery uses Lithium-compounds with 5-10% Lithium content only.

What are the advantages of the solid-sate batteries?

Solid-State Battery LOGO

The high Lithium concentration in the solid state-battery results in the high battery capacity and the high energy (high-energy density).

The perfect solid-sate battery can achieve theoretically a practical energy density of 1000 W·h/kg – 2100 W·h/kg using our current manufacturing model.

A solid-state battery can increase the energy density per unit battery. Therefore, a much smaller number of batteries are needed.

With Solid-State Batteries:

  • A battery pack will be much smaller and lighter.
  • You charge an electric car once a week.
  • An electric vehicle can reach destinations that are far.
  • A drone can stay in the air for over 10 hours.
  • You change your cellphone once a week or once a month.

Where can I buy a Solid-Sate Batteries?

solid state battery with solid state electrolyte

There exist prototypes only of solid-sate batteries (see also “research batteries”). This means there are no commercial solid-sate batteries available.  Persisting fundamental scientific and technological barriers hamper the commercialization.

The battery stability and safety are of concern in the R&D of solid-sate batteries.

Carmakers and technology companies often promise to have solved those battery technology issues. 

However, worldwide (end of 2023) no company has been able to scale solid-sate batteries to mass production – that for a good reason.

We suggest that multiple more years are required to commercialize the solid-sate battery. 

For more current information, contact us.

Safety and Solid-Sate Batteries

The solid (non-flammable) electrolytes that replaces the flammable liquid electrolyte-Solution in Li-ion batteries will dramatically improve safety. However, many solid-state battery prototypes using lithium metal. This would use many kilograms of pure lithium metal in an EV, which is reactive when exposed to moisture. Batteries are made, so no moisture enters the battery. However, lithium metal carries a huge amount of energy. Battery designers must consider this “new” risk in in the design of future lithium-metal based high-energy density batteries.

Solid-sate battery scheme with a solid electrolyte
Solid-sate battery scheme with a solid electrolyte

Types of Battery Electrolytes

A solid-state battery can contain different types of electrolytes

  1. Polymer electrolyte
  2. Ceramic electrolyte (inorganic electrolyte)
  3. Gel electrolyte

The conventional Lithium-ion battery contains a electrolyte solution consisting of electrolyte salts in an organic solvent. This a is a true “liquid-sate” Battery.

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