the Solid-STate Battery

Solid-Sate Battery - FAQs

Solid-State Batteries are just one of the many next-generation batteries.

Battery technologies are critical in the transition from fossil energy carriers to electrical energy. Moreover, this transition is really happening now if we look at how many electric cars are on the road now and will be in the coming decades. This is the “battery moment” in history

Here you find the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers about Solid-Sate Batteries:

Solid-sate battery scheme with a solid electrolyte
Solid-sate battery scheme with a solid electrolyte

Types of Battery Electrolytes

A solid-state battery can contain different types of electrolytes

  1. Polymer electrolyte
  2. Ceramic electrolyte (inorganic electrolyte)
  3. Gel electrolyte

The conventional Lithium-ion battery contains a electrolyte solution consisting of electrolyte salts in an organic solvent. This a is a true “liquid-sate” Battery.

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