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Award-Winning and Game-Changing Battery Technologies

Battery inventions and Innovation toward energy storage with a lower carbon CO2 footprint
were awarded

The founders of (Swiss Battery) have been awarded with multiple prestigious awards and multimillion funding for their contribution to cutting-edge battery research and high-energy density battery chemistry technologies inventions.

ARPA-e is one of the most competitive energy funding scheme in the United States. ARPA-e support promising high-risk high-gain energy technologies in the US which could be game-changing in the near future. 
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High-Power Battery

Superbattery for electric cars. The US ARPA-e project was awarded with 1.6 million US$

Low-cost-low-energy manufacturing

The Swiss Gov. awarded the project for battery electrode processing using water

Lithium Polymer Battery

Polymer-based lithium battery with an energy density of >200 Wh/kg. The US Californian investor-funded project awarded one million US$
Swiss Battery
Swiss Battery
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Awardees from in the Swiss Battery laboratory
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