Swiss Battery

the future is ELECTRIC

Chemistry for Energy

Swiss Battery

the future is ELECTRIC

Chemistry For ENERGY

Swiss Battery Technology Applications & Industries

Electric Aviation & Airspace

The technology of Swiss Battery is suitable for a high-energy/high-power applications which can boost the range of electric airplanes.

Scheme of a Solid-state battery versus Lithium-ion battery
Scheme of a Solid-state battery versus Lithium-ion battery

Electric aircraft are all sizes, from electric passenger airplane to all sizes of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) used for agricultural applications and defense.


But the electric aviation has yet to take off, and for one good reason – lack of batteries for longer ranges and for larger electric aircraft vehicles.

Swiss Battery’s patent-pending technology provides a solution using cutting-edge battery materials and chemicals.

Electric Cars (EV)

Swiss Battery engineers have successfully implemented a lithium-battery technology for transportation:

Today’s electric cars (EV’s) run on lithium-ion batteries which are using cobalt, manganese and high-grade nickel, whose prices are soaring, and their supply chain for the industry is a problem and circular economy of lithium-ion batteries have not yet developed.

Swiss Battery engineers have secured multiple inventions that are substituting critical heavy-metals with tailor-made, renewable battery raw materials.


Renewable Swiss Batteries

The Swiss Battery Technology has the potential to mass produce rechargeable batteries using a renewable organic cathode and in the near future. 

The extensive adoption of Li-ion batteries employed in electric cars and consumer electronics will need order of magnitude more natural resources to a large extent for the automotive industry. The expected rapid surge in batteries can result in new resource shortage and battery supply chain risks. 

To reinforce the resilience and sustainability of battery supply chains of the automotive and battery industry and to reduce primary resource (mining metals) dependencies, new solutions and concepts are of high interest.

Swiss Battery’s rechargeable patent-pending swiss batteries employing a cathode-material and chemical-substitution strategy, avoiding the use of toxic heavy-metals. The high performing swiss batteries are made from abundant sources, which can overcome the issue of i) raw material shortage and ii) high risk international dependencies.

Zero-Emission Products

We are working toward a Zero-Emissioin production. The use of our Technology allows to improve the CO2-footprint of lithium-batteries:


Energy saving during battery manufacturing is crucial. Our Green batteries can be manufactured by a manufacturing technology that avoids energy-intense industrial processes. Swiss batteries material are manufactured using low-temperature processes, which saves most of the large amounts of energy used by conventional battery manufacturing. In this way, we are reducing large amounts of the CO2 emission during battery manufacturing. Combined, with smart industrial energy balancing, we potentially achieve a zero-emmission production in the future. which helps to achieve the Zero-Emission in the use of heavy-metal free composites. 

Our batteries are lighter than current commercial Lithium-Ion batteries, which are used in the mass manufacturing of batteries for electric vehicles. Our high -performance composites are made from abundant sources, 

Our manufacturing technology has an improved energy-efficiency and allows manufacturing of more environmentally friendly green Lithium-Ion Batteries.

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Science is the basis of our discoveries and innovations. We are passionate and excited about developing true green and clean chemistry and physics.

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Our company develops battery products and materials for the electric automotive & airspace market. Our target is top benchmarking.

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We focused at an early stage of the product development on energy use and cost. Our products are resilient in increasingly regulated and clean emerging markets.

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