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Swiss Battery - Who we are

The Swiss battery company is an independent Swiss enterprise founded in 2018. Swiss Battery is a battery cell developer and chemical materials’ battery company which was originally founded as a micro entity in the beautiful Capital City of Bern in Switzerland.

During the planning period between 2014 and 2017 the founders were awarded with multiple prestigious multimillion energy research awards for their outstanding battery research and inventions in the field of rechargeable batteries.

The Swiss Battery Company Story

Such High-Energy-High-Power Energy Storage Technologies are often revered as “Superbattery” (which is a combination of high-power Supercapatitor and high-energy density battery).

In the years between 2012 and 2016 two young scientists found a way to make a high energy-density lithium-ion  battery using a new type of organic cathode without the need of toxic and an critical heavy-metals which are today used in commercial Lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. 

The first inventions for the battery company

On top of these outstanding achievements, the researcher found that these new synthetic organic and renewable battery cathode materials can be processed using tap water instead of toxic solvents.

Together with a Nobel laureate in Chemistry, the founders of Swiss Battery invented and filed an invention for a true “green” high energy-density battery technology. Moreover, the new battery is matching the performance characteristics and low-cost required for highly demanding transportation applications.

The Superbattery Invention

In the about same period of time, the same research scientists were engineering a Super-battery with high-power characteristics in the well-known Material Research Laboratory (MRL) in California.

After the discovery of the cutting-edge “green” high-energy density “battery science” and the researchers’ rejected multiple offers from the car industry. Shortly after, the company Swiss Battery was founded to commercialize the battery technology in Europe as an independent battery company.

Swiss Battery's Expertise

We are experts for battery cell-materials and special multilayer cell design.  Our strengths are ion-transporting thin-film electrolytes, and special organic cathode materials. Moreover, we offer long-term experience in and solution-, vacuum, and evaporation-based multi-layer-processing. 

Specifically, we develop high-efficiency and high-performing electrochemical energy storage devices using multiple advanced processing methods and combined with tailored nanostructures.

With more than ten years of experience, the Swiss Battery company is an expert in making high-energy rechargeable polymer-lithium-ion and lithium-metal batteries, composites, and chemical and organic additives for demanding applications in the airspace, aviation, automotive and medical industry.

Where is the Swiss Battery Company?

The company is today located in Aarau, which is in the northwest of Switzerland. Aarau is the capital of the Canton Aargau, which is the Swiss Silicon Valley for energy companies and utility enterprises in Switzerland.

Do not hesitate to contact us at Swiss Battery to arrange a meeting.

The Vision of the Swiss Battery Company


Battery Performance

Make Batteries and Materials that outperform current state-of-the art Batteries for transportation

Slip-In Technology

Slip-In Technology

Our technology can be integrated by a simple slip-In step into current battery manufacturing.

Zero Critical Materials

Zero Critical Materials

Use zero mining and critical minerals and metals or use less mining and critical minerals and metals

Recycling & Reuse

Recycling & Reuse

A battery-cell-composition that allows cost- & energy- efficient re-use of materials
Swiss Battery Company Story - History Lithium-Ion Batteries
Swiss Battery Company Story
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What We Stand For

We live together for 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, so we spend a lot of time together. We do our best to make this a place where people can flourish, so they are happy and get along with other people easily.

We only hire people that add value to the team. We do not just hire great designers and marketers but people with passion to make awesome projects.

We want to surprise our clients with the end result. But not only that, we want to finish a project that will bless and grow the company of the project. That is why we ofter take a look at a project again and see how we can make it even better.

You can see right through us!