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Best Swiss Batteries 2023

Electric Aviation Batteries

Swiss Battery is developing the best swiss batteries with the highest energy-density available. The current Lithium based SWIBA swiss batteries double the energy density of a conventional NMC 811 Lithium-Ion battery. 


Swiss batteries from SWIBA Swiss Battery Technology will power the electric aircraft and the aviation industry for this decades beyond. 

Aviation Industry SWIBA Swiss Battery

With this innovation in swiss batteries, is more than hopeful that electric Aviation and Aircraft will be in the Air for more minutes and more hours.

We Power Electric Aircraft

The boosted swiss accumulator from SWIBA Swiss Battery enables the electric aviation and flight to take off for good.

Moreover, there are potentially unlimited new markets for high-energy density batteries in the current present and future.  

Swiss-Battery-in-black-letters-on-image-4 with a size of 1600 and 1600

Solid-State Electrolytes

Solid-State electrolytes promise
  1. Metal cup with positive pole on the upper side
  2. Outer foil with manufacturer’s labeling
  3. Manganese dioxide (cathode)
  4. Plastic sealing washer
  5. Bottom plate (negative pole)
  6. Separator to separate the electrodes and as ion bridge
  7. Discharge nail
  8. Zinc powder gel (anode)


This image shows a Swiss Batteries and Batteries in pink with green letters and has a size of ith-a-size-of-1600 x 1600

Swiss Battery is developing secondary batteries using a new mining-metal free technology. Our batteries are lighter than current commercial Lithium-Ion batteries, which are used in the mass manufacturing of batteries for electric vehicles. Our high -performing swiss batteries are made from abundant sources, which avoids raw material shortage.

Green Image showing Swiss Batteries in Pink letters. The size is of the image is1600 x 1600

Zero-Emission Production

We are working toward a Zero-Emissioin production. The use of our Technology allows to improve the CO2-footprint of lithium-batteries:


Energy saving during battery manufacturing is crucial. Our Green batteries can be manufactured by a manufacturing technology that avoids energy-intense industrial processes. Swiss batteries material are manufactured using low-temperature processes, which saves most of the large amounts of energy used by conventional battery manufacturing. In this way, we are reducing large amounts of the CO2 emission during battery manufacturing. Combined, with smart industrial energy balancing, we potentially achieve a zero-emmission production in the future. which helps to achieve the Zero-Emission in the use of heavy-metal free composites. Our batteries are lighter than current commercial Lithium-Ion batteries, which are used in the mass manufacturing of batteries for electric vehicles. Our high -performance composites are made from abundant sources, 

Our manufacturing technology has an improved energy-efficiency and allows manufacturing of more environmentally friendly green Lithium-Ion Batteries.

We engineer for emerging markets

Our Values

We Love Science

Science is the basis of our discoveries and innovations. We are passionate and excited about developing true green and clean chemistry and physics.

We are competitive

Our company develops battery products and materials for the electric automotive & airspace market. Our target is top benchmarking.

Low Energy Low Cost

We focused at an early stage of the product development on energy use and cost. Our products are resilient in increasingly regulated and clean emerging markets.

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